I am so excited to write about the time I had at the Tiger...

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I am so excited to write about the time I had at the Tiger Temple. Tiger Temple, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Buddhist temple 3 hours away from Bangkok. It was founded in 1993 as a forest temple and sanctuary for wild animals, including, of course, tigers.

The bus ride was long, but the tigers were awesome. I didn’t make any friends on this trip, so I only have two photos of myself with tigers, but the experience was indescribable. Tigers are such majestic animals, and these were very happy tigers.

I was able to pet them as much as I wanted. I even crouched down low and put my arms around one. A monk had one tiger place his paws on my lap so I could experience the extreme weight of one of these creatures. Another tiger playfully sniffed around my knees so I could feel his wet nose. Obviously (I guess), they smell and act a lot like very big cats.

At one point, we (the humans) all got in a cage, as we watched all the tigers run and play freely around us. Their joy often made me laugh to myself and obviously left a smile on my face that lasted all day.

I really enjoyed this experience. I liked walking around the compound watching the other animals as well. I hope if you visit Bangkok, you will find time to check out the tigers too.


Hi, I'm Stacy. I'm from Portland, Oregon, USA, and am currently living in Busan, South Korea. Check me out on: Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Lastfm, and Flickr.



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