How to Write Korean New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year, or 새해복 많이 받으세요 (that’s how we say Happy New Year in Korean)!

Sure, the end of the year is a great for partying, drinking and having fun with out families and friends. But each new year brings its own challenges and personal goals, and it’s that time of year to ready ourselves for self-improvement! That’s right, now that the holiday season is behind us, it’s time to pledge how we plan to better ourselves and set our New Year’s resolutions – in Korean!

So get ready to sit back, evaluate what you have done during the past year and what you plan to change in the year to come.

This post teaches you how to write the most common New Year’s resolutions in Korean. Here we go!

나는 한국어를 배울 거예요 – I will learn Korean

Learn Korean

나는 살을 뺄 거예요 – I will lose weight

I will lose weight in Korean

나는 돈을 저금 할 거예요 – I will save money

I will save money in Korean

나는 식습관을 바꿀 거예요 – I will change my eating habits

I will eat healthy in Korean

나는 규칙적으로 운동 할 거예요 – I will exercise regularly

I will exercise in Korean

나는 자원 봉사를 할 거예요 – I will volunteer

I will volunteer in Korean

나는 새로운 취미를 가질 거예요 – I will take up a new hobby

New hobby in Korean

나는 담배를 끊을 거예요 – I will quit smoking

I will quit smoking in Korean

나는 책을 자주 읽을 거예요 – I will read more often

I will read in Korean

나는 남자 친구를 사귈 거예요 – I will get a boyfriend

get a boyfriend in Korean

나는 여자 친구를 사귈 거예요 – I will get a girlfriend

get a girlfriend in Korean

나는 새로운 곳을 여행 할 거예요 – I will travel to new places

i will travel in Korean

나는 새로운 직업을 가질 거예요 – I will get a new job

get a new job in Korean

나는 텔레비전 보는 것을 줄일 거예요 – I will watch less TV

watch less TV in Korean

나는 가족과 함께 더 많은 시간을 보낼 거예요 – I will spend more time with my family

spend time with family in Korean

나는 더 부지런 해 질거예요 – I will be more diligent

be more diligent in Korean

나는 술을 줄일 거예요 – I will drink less alcohol

drink less alcohol korean

Well, there you have it! Those were the most popular New Year’s resolutions and how to write them in Korean.

The new year brings so many possibilities. For some of us, we might meet that special someone. For others, it may be about a decision to study Korean no matter what it takes and meet our language study goals. Whatever that goal may be, ew have made the decision today to change your life, and learned some Korean in the process!

Take the one New Year’s resolution that resonates most with you, download the picture, and share it on your social media to help others hold you accountable and to give yourself motivation.

Whether or not this motivation lasts until the end of the year is another issue. Research shows that 45 percent of Americans normally set New Year’s resolutions. On the other hand, a mere 8 percent of them are successful in in eventually hitting their goal. That’s weak!

We won’t let this happen to you – especially if your goal is studying Korean!

Share your chosen resolution on social media and also let us know which one you chose in the comments below.

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