Hongdae: Board Game Cafe

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As you can see I went to Hongdae with a good pal of mine last weekend, and we tromped around the area doing all sorts of fun things. One of those items was visiting a board game cafe that we cam upon randomly. At first I was looking for a cafe to eat some patbingsu, but the rain was coming down really hard.

We came around to the main street where Taco Bell and Starbucks is and saw a sign, in Korean, that read "Board-uh Game-uh Cafe." Taking the chance, we went inside and up to the 4th floor where we entered the cafe.

The space inside was huge with many tables all about, which reminded me of a classic diner from back home.

Except, here you aren't being served burgers and milkshakes but rather board games and coffee. The deal was that you pay per hour and also should buy a drink. Although I am not sure if it was mandatory to buy a drink. However, the price per hour was per person and cost around 3,500 won each. Any time over the extra is 500won an hour.

They had a really great selection of games and many with English. I suppose if you are feeling brave you could try out your hand at a Korean language game.

We weren't really in the mood for a boardgame, so I suggested we play "SET." I thought it was a good choice since it isn't time consuming and also is fun. Unfortunately, I was the looser but we'll see next time!
I am guessing this place gets crowded in the later hours and folks find themselves having lots of fun. Those red things are like plastic hammers that you can bang someone with if they do something wrong during the game.

View from the window...

As you can see this place is right across from KB bank, so I don't think you will have a hard time finding it. It made a great rainy day activity in Hongdae.


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