Hey Lil, its Dad

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It wasn’t long ago that I started to imagine you in my life. I would sit and think about you and how important it was for me to be ready to welcome you into the world. I would always tell mommy I wanted everything to be perfect. I needed all the puzzle pieces together. I had some of the pieces already.


Most importantly, I had your mom (its where you are now incase there aren’t any signs in there)…. who is the most perfect perfect person to make you and bring you into the world. She will also make you much smarter than I, which is important…brains are something not everyone gets. I’ll give other stuff, like the ability to laugh at ridiculous things which you and I will appreciate together a lot, just wait. You also have the most beautiful circle of family and friends. They are waiting patiently for you all over the place and will love you unconditionally. So, with all that, what was missing? I guess what I was stuck on were the things that distracted me from the truth. Jobs, money, homes, ……..strollers ;)

After the news of you settled into my mind it started to make more sense. I had it all together. You were ready, and so was I. The world seems a little bit crazy sometimes when we lose our focus but when you get here I will teach you that as long as there is love waiting for you somewhere…just like now…..its perfect….and you reminded me of that in a way only you could…because a lil elephant never forgets.

Love u lil,


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