Help Save BAPS - Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary in Need

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

June 3 - BAPS Charity Jam w/ Poko Lambro @ The Blue Monkey

June 10  - Cut Throat Darts Tourney for BAPS @ Gwanganli Thursday Party

From the BAPS Facebook Group
Ok, it's official. There's no hope to renew the contract. We MUST move or close down BAPS. now what? 
First, We are looking for land, with the following conditions:

deposit: no more than 5 million
rent: up to 400,000 month

running water

not near neighbors who complain.
no buildings on site.
between 100- 200 pyeong

max. 45 mins form Busan in any direction.

All help in searching is appreciated!


We also need to raise the funds needed for moving... my estimate is:

cleaning current land: 500,000
dismantling/transporting/reassembling the cages: 400,000
leveling new land surface: 300,000
building a green house: 3-4 million
laying concrete: 700,000
miscellaneous pipes, electric, incidentals: 400,000
transporting the animals: ?

So, roughly this puts us in the area of 5 to 6.5 million...

We have to be out by August 20, so it's only 4 months away!
We deeply hope to be able to continue with BAPS, and it is our intention to do all we can. 

However, we also need to be responsible and prepare for the worst. We currently have a little over 30 dogs on site, and of those, at least half are friendly, adoptable animals. We want to move them to new homes as soon as possible, so please consider adopting, or help us find people who will adopt.

for the 15 or so 'unadoptables', we will transfer them to a regular Korean shelter, and Jin and I will financially support them with the money we already have separated out of our family budget for BAPS, for the rest of their lives.
Ok, so there it is, all laid out. As I've said before, we were expecting to stay at this location another two years, and by then have the perfect location ready for BAPS 'forever' location, but as the Russians say: "nichevo'--- It can't be helped, so move on... 



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