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Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and deep tissue, need I say more?

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In Busan there is a wonderful man, named Dr. You. He is trained as an oriental medical doctor as well as a chiropractor. If you ever are having issues and want to try eastern medicine this is your guy.

He has gotten one of this medical degrees from Australia, so his knowledge of English is superb. He is also on the stronger side of things, so adjusting Western bodies is easier than say some shorter (smaller) Korean Doctors.

Going to his clinic is easy, granted you can call and the receptionists speak Korea, however, they do not take appointments, at least on Saturdays. There is steady business but the most I have had to wait is about 30 minutes. There is a TV in the waiting room, where random Korean shows play, and the room has a nice smell and a comfy couch, so if you bring a book, for the wait, you will be perfectly fine.


I was really hesitant at first because I have never tried acupuncture before. I knew I wanted to in Korea, but 1 was afraid of the doctor not speaking too much English, and 2 not really knowing what was going on.

When I first got there, he asked why I was in, I told him that I would like an adjustment and I was interested in acupuncture. I have been to a chiropractor for adjustments before, and by golly I adore them. There is nothing better than feeling that place in your back pop that you are not able to get to loosen.

Dr. You has a very unique way of adjustment. Unlike my doctor back home who is more focused on the position of the bones, and constant visits, Dr. You takes time to work out muscles as he is adjusting. So, there is an element of deep tissue with it. This is not for the hot stone massage enthusiast. Even with no prevalent ailments, he still managed to work out knots in my back I had been rubbing at for weeks.

After, he set me up with a 10 minute session of Acupuncture. I was nervous about this part because it was my first time. Each time a needle went in I could feel a small pinch, nothing to what I was expecting. I only felt about 1 of every 4 that went in too.

I laid on my stomach and waited. 10 min went by fast. I was given 10 minutes of “electrotherapy” which I have had before, and it does not hurt. It feels like there is just some slight buzzing but nothing is painful. Finished with 10 minute heat pack and I was out in about 45 minutes.

Now, cost. For people without health insurance, for the deep tissue, chiropractor, acupuncture, electrotherapy, and heat pack, it will set you back 50,000 KRW. Coming from the states, I do say, it was fairly inexpensive. Now, I did have health insurance, which take that number and cut it in half. Yes, that’s right, all of that for 25,000KRW.

I have to say that  I will for sure be coming back.


From Suyeoung  go out exit 10. Walk straight about 200 m and on the corner there will be the clinic on third floor of that building.



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