Halloween Movie Night

Printer-friendly versionWe hosted a Halloween movie night last Friday. We invited some great people, who just so happened to be awesome cooks as well... what a coincidence! ;)

My friend and blog guru extraordinaire, Jill wrote about our movie night on her awesome blog!

Check it out here. She is a master blogger, gorgeous, vegetarian enthusiast and DIY goddess!!! Some people just have it all!

Usually Halloween is filled with lots and lots of unhealthy treats.... but not it doesn't have to be! There are always super creative ways to celebrate traditional holidays with a healthy/vegan/eco-friendly twist! No need to keep yourself or your children away from celebrating a holiday- just find your own unique way to celebrate!

Here are a few ways The Empowered Way celebrates this ghoulish occasion:

Deadman's Fingers- Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Pâté of Zombie Liver- Cinnamon Carrot Date Dip

Make-shift pumpkin decorations-
* An up-cycled water bottled painted orange with black paper cut outs for eyes.
   I have my students to thank for these.. we made them last week.
* Mandarin oranges with Lack o' Lantern faces drawn on in permanent marker.

Witches Brew- Pineapple Kale Ginger Apple Juice
Pumpkin's Blood- Carrot Celery Juice

Skeleton Man- Celery, cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. The head is made of eggplant hummus or as some call it, "Baba Ganoush"
(Don't you just love to say that word)

We also had AMAZING Kidney bean dip- my friend Careena's Argentinian family recipe, really great vegan pumpkin-cranberry-oatmeal cookies (available at Alien's Day Out Bakeshop), strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing and pumpkin muffins--YUM!

Don't ever miss out on a holiday because of the way you choose to eat or live! Take the opportunity to be creative and share your food with friends and family. You can show them that healthy can be delicious AND fun!

Vegan vampires and meat-free mummies,


PS- This is possibly me in the future:

Except I would never recommend Psyllium! hehe


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