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I had heard some talk of Hades Cafe from several people in my social network but not any feedback. So I decided to venture on over the other day. It is located across the street from Lotte Department store (in the same neighborhood as Daejeon's popular House Grill). (Map Below)

The interior was simple yet elegant.

If you are in the mood for wine, Yang Kil, Choi or his staff can provide you with wine list. If don't see anything you like, there is a more extensive list available upon request.
Yang Kil, teaches classes about wine at Daeduk University in Techno Valley.
*They do not offer wine by the glass
Wine is 30,000 ~ 150,000 and more.
They do sell half bottles for 17,000~ 26,000won.

Nicely positioned lights accompanied by ambient lighting and easy listening background music produced a relaxing atmosphere.

*Outside seating is also available

Upon entering, I noticed "Handmade Burger" on the chalk board above the service counter  I'm always on the hunt for a good burger.

*If you haven't seen the TV show "Burger Land". It's a Travel Channel program showcasing all the best and unique burgers across America.

The owner of Hades Cafe, Yang Ki, Choi introduced himself and took our order. I got the handmade burger, my wife the eggs benedict.

Since having been in Korea for some time, it is a challenge to find an eggs benedict I can recommend. (Other than Earl's - aka Frankiefiveangels eggs benedict)

For me, a great deal of  Hollandaise sauce is required.

 Making eggs benedict requires skillful precision. At all about the same time, it is essential to have warm crispy bacon, hot buttered toasted English muffins, perfectly poached eggs, and a warm creamy Hollandaise sauce. I was pleasantly surprised. The Hollandaise sauce was buttery, but not in great abundance. Contrary to my initial skepticism, the tomato on the eggs benedict gave it a nice flavor.

Overall, I'd rate it a 6-7 out of 10.
I prefer a larger amount of Hollandaise sauce.

The Hades burger was flavorful. It boasted a nice mild beef flavor. I estimate the patty was about roughly 225 grams of beef (8 oz.)
Judging by the yield of the bite it was of medium grind.

Yang Kil informed us, the handmade patty catered to western style burgers as Koreans often prefer a thinner patty.

The mozzarella cheese was a nice touch, as it blended nicely to give a pleasant creaminess to the burger.

I couldn't accurately assess what the red sauce was comprised of. It was reminiscence of barbecue sauce with telltale flavors of chili and a minuscule trace of paprika.
**Don't quote me on this, for its only a guess.

The burger was accompanied by grilled onions and bacon slathered in the mystery red sauce. Again, I was skeptical. To my delight, the red sauce was tangy, not overly sweet, not spicy, and did not overpower the beef flavor.

The bun was nothing special. It was your store bought  generic, unseeded, standard burger bun. It was slightly sweet and fresh.
 *As Earl has stated about buns in the past, some tend to break down during the consumption process. Be warned this burger is messy. Be sure to ask the Hades staff for wet tissues.

Hades Cafe fries are thick and cut in house with the skin still attached. They were crisp on the outside and soft in the center.

Surprisingly, the burger was served with non other than a dill pickle! To some this may be of no consequence, but I found this to be an uncommon practice in most establishments serving burgers. 

Yang Kil is a busy man, in addition to teaching, owning, and overseeing operations of Hades Cafe, he owns a Kalguksu restaurant in Yuchong-dong across from Budunae apartments in the same area as Garten Bier. (specific details coming soon)

Here's the address and contact information

Its very close to the Yongmoon subway stop
 Parking is also available in the back

The taste of the eggs benedict was 6-7 out of 10 as it needed more Hollandaise sauce. The burger was tasty.

The ingredients seemed fresh.

The presentation of the food was fine.

No complaints on the service.

The value was reasonable in relation to the quality of food and portion size.

8 out of 10

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