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Don’t you just love receiving good news? Whether it is life-changing or trivial, good news can always bring mirth to your heart.

On Tuesday, my husband and I received good news from my doctor. Though I had strong faith that I would not need surgery for my serious medical condition after three months of medication, my husband had been preparing for ‘the operation’. I have known him to be an optimistic person, but he seemed to have lost that optimism since I became ill. He tried to convince me many times to have the operation done right away, but I chose to battle the disease through medicine, prayers and strong faith in God. Our agreement was that if my condition remains the same or gets worse, I would go for the surgery, but if the meds work and the disease regresses, I could continue with the meds or try another treatment besides being cut open. Guess what, the result of my third biopsy, which was done last week, showed no trace of the disease. I was overwhelmed with joy upon hearing the good news from my doctor that all I could say was, “Really?” He explained that though the recent biopsy shows no sign of the disease,  there is still hyperplasia and it needs to be cured, too… that I need to take medicine for another three months, have a test that may be painful and have biopsy again to make sure the disease is gone for good, as well as my hyperplasia, blah-blah-blah…


I was listening to him, but I didn’t want to ruin the good news, no, miracle, that’s what it is, so instead of worrying about “other things”, I thanked God for granting my prayer. I thought of my Mom, my family back home, who never stopped praying for me, for my healing… and I should thank them, too.I thought of my husband who told me once that he doesn’t want to lose me, and that very moment, I wanted to tell him, “See? I told you that you won’t lose me. I am going to get better.”

The good news we received on Tuesday reminds me of a song by Deniece Williams called “Healing“. I am not fully healed yet, but I know that I will be, because I have already received the first miracle. I am hoping for another miracle after 3 or 4 months and the months that follow. God never runs out of miracles for each of us. Some people call a miracle good news, some call it good luck. Whatever name it’s called, God is giving one to you right now. Shall you accept it?

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