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As I mentioned before, I LOVE Gmarket! I was never at all an internet shopper before I came to Korea, but wow- now I definitely am! I would even say that Gmarket is one of my favourite things about Korea, haha!

This page will list products I’ve found on Gmarket that I use, or I think are a good price.

Chicken- when I was preparing for my bodybuilding competitions, there were periods where chicken was the only protein I could eat. (Miserable time of my life, yes haha). So I would purchase frozen chicken breast on Gmarket to save money. You can buy different amounts- 10kg is usually about 55,000 won (so cheap!) but you need to have space in your freezer. They also have 5kg ,3kg, and 1kg amounts available. I would usually just browse through the chicken category, looking at the pictures until I found what I wanted.  Tip: if you scroll to the bottom of a seller’s product page, you can see actual pictures from people who’ve purchased it. This can be really helpful to make sure you are choosing the right product. Also- buy the vaccuum sealed packs! This saves space and they stay fresher longer! Again, look at the pictures.

Frozen Vegetablesokay- this is kind of a big deal. AFTER 15 MONTHS IN KOREA, I FINALLY FOUND FROZEN KABOCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Click here for a recipe) You have no idea how excited this makes me. AND CAULIFLOWER!!!!!! I have not bought cauliflower ONCE in Korea- because it was so damned expensive- but lo and behold- this site has not only broccoli, cauliflower, kabocha, but also many other veggies!!! This is a HUGE time saver! And so cheap! Tip: buy more than one product because shipping is 3,000 won per shipment. 컬리플라워1kg- cauliflower, 브로콜리1kg- broccoli, 단호박(유피)2kg- kabocha squash (it Korean it is called 단호박 “tan hobak” or “sweet pumpkin”). This find actually changed my life.

Kabocha Powder- what is this!? Kabocha in a powder or flour form!? I am still experimenting with this product but this is where I found it. (단호박분말 in Korean, means “sweet pumpkin powder”.

Coconut Products- Coconut Cream Concentrate (or 코코넛크림파우다 see my post here) Coconut Flakes (or 코코넛롱슬라이스) and Dessicated Coconut (코코넛분말). Tip: Make your own coconut butter by grinding flakes in a food processor!

Yogurt- (플레인요구르트) for the longest time, I didn’t buy yogurt in Korea. I found that it was really expensive for the tiny serving, and usually full of sugar. I made my own for a little while (just google “how to make homemade yogurt”) but it didn’t really save me money unless I made a pretty big batch, which I usually couldn’t finish before it went bad. Imsil Yogurt (플레인요구르트) is an excellent product and has 80 cal for a 100gr /100ml serving. Denmark Yogurt (덴마크 농후발효유) which you can also buy in Grocery stores is 65 cals per container, which I think are 85g.


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