Gender Advertisements in the Korean Context: Download

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(Sources: SeoulBeats & personal scan)

Welcome Busan National University students, and please click here for the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies my guest lecture next week. I look forward to meeting you!

As for regular readers, this will be a repeat of the lecture I gave at the Royal Asiatic Society in Seoul back in February, but unfortunately I’m not aware if it is open to the public yet (I’ll update this post if it is). Partially, I’m posting the file here because it’s much too big to send via regular email, but I’ve also had many requests from readers for something like it, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Hopefully a much improved and simpler version of the original, now only a handful of the slides in it require my additional explanation to be understood, so I hope you can enjoy it even if you can’t make it to the lecture.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the contents and/or for links to posts where I discuss any of the issues raised in it in more depth, and – as always – I would be extremely grateful for any feedback!


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