Gayspeak: 호모포비아 (Homophobia)

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Choi Si-won is the first person I think of when I hear 내면화된 호모포비아

If you read the news regularly, you probably heard how the AP recently dropped 'homophobia' from its stylebook arguing that it wasn't an accurate term to describe anti-gay behavior. There are some good discussions about this change in the style book, including one statement by the psychologist who coined the word. I lean toward the argument that the AP is making a mistake. Then again, calling someone anti-gay may be just as effective...
So how do you say homophobia in Korean?

호모포비아 (ho-mo-po-bi-a)

Not surprising that it is the same as the English word. If you want a word that isn't Konglish, you can try 동성애혐오 which is literally the hatred/disgust of same sex love. Here are two related expressions:

내면화된 호모포비아 --> internalized homophobia
트랜스포비아 --> transphobia

Good words to know, huh?