Full Passport... happy traveler!!

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Can you believe that in 4 years of living abroad (plus that one summer I played around in Europe), I completely filled up an entire passport?!  This coming from the girl who lived in the same house for 21 years and spent every summer traveling to the glorious state of Alabama!  Yes, Alabama. Who knew I'd have the chance to hop around the world one day!  I am blessed... and my life has changed with each of these stamps!

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 
― Rumi

I actually spent all of Monday morning and afternoon on the KTX train to Seoul and back to visit the US Embassy, where I had to add extra pages to my passport.  Apparently Indonesia requires 2 full pages for their stamps and visas and I wasn't all that interested in getting immediately deported upon arrival for having a full passport!   Fun part was I happened to be at the Embassy on the same day that the new woman Korean president was moving into the Blue House and there were all sorts of US big wigs with their bodyguards roaming the premises!  Quite an exciting day to add passport pages!  Plenty of people watching to go around! :)

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Re: Full Passport... happy traveler!!

So your next trip is Indonesia? Have fun! (I'm sure you will :))

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