Frozen Banana Peanut Pudding

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So I didn’t think it was fair to list Peanut Flour as one of my favourites without really offering a recipe. If you read last week’s post,  you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Of course, peanut flour is delicious on its own with just water, but if you want something even better- this is a quick, simple and tasty recipe to try.

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You don’t need any fancy kitchen supplies either- I realize that not everyone has blenders and food processors. Just a fork and some elbow grease and you are set! Okay so if you look at the pictures, you will see a sieve. But, that’s because I have a sieve, and you bet I’m going to use it- but you don’t have to have one to make this.

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Also, this does need a little bit of advance planning if you want the frozen consistency to develop. However, if you don’t feel like waiting the hour or so to freeze it, you can eat it right away. I do sometimes. It’s still good.

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However, for that creamy, frozen dessert treat-type result, I highly recommend actually freezing it.

This dessert is a smart choice (for me at least) because it is creamy, sweet and satiating, plus is high in protein and fibre and sweetened using fruit and a little bit of stevia. And- it fits into my meal plan- so I’ve been eating this every night! I haven’t actually announced this on here- but since the end of January I’ve started training with a new personal trainer, and have signed up to compete in Musclemania Korea at the end of April.  I’m really enjoying my new meal plan and training regime- and the fact that I’m allowed peanut flour and banana is just incredible to me.

But on with the recipe,

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Frozen Banana Peanut Pudding


30 g (1/4 cup) peanut flour
60 g (just over half a large) banana
1 packet stevia, or sugar equivalent (2 tsp)
1/4 c tea (or water) + 1/4 c if needed
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/16 tsp guar gum (optional but makes the dessert thicker)
dash salt
dash cinnamon


1. Mash banana and add vanilla and stevia. I used a frozen banana so it was harder to mash, but fresh works too!
2. Combine peanut flour and dry ingredients.
3. Sift 1/2 the peanut flour into banana mixture and blend well. If you don’t have a sieve, you’ll just have to stir harder! Once incorporated, blend in the remainder.
4. Add tea to thin to desired consistency.
Note: if you want to make this in the blender, food processor or with a hand mixer, just follow the steps in this order. I usually make a big batch of this recipe in the food processor, then portion it out and freeze it.
5. Pour into plastic wrap lined (or greased) dish or container and freeze.

Serves 1


Ingredients PeanutFlour (2 of 36) Mash banana with vanilla and stevia PeanutFlour (4 of 36) PeanutFlour (5 of 36) Add tea Mix dry ingredients PeanutFlour (10 of 36) Sift 1/2 into wet PeanutFlour (16 of 36) Mix PeanutFlour (9 of 36) Sift in remaining Add tea to thin Mix Line mold Pour and freeze

PeanutFlour (26 of 36)So simple, yet elegant!PeanutFlour (27 of 36)PeanutFlour (30 of 36)PeanutFlour (34 of 36)Thick, creamy, nutty, sweet…. delicious!!!PeanutFlour (36 of 36)How do you satisfy a sweet tooth while following a strict diet?


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