Fall Approaching

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This morning the air is a bit breezy and cool, which means Fall is on its way here. I don't hear any cicadas buzzing, well just a few, but with it not being so deafening anymore this is also a sign of the changing seasons.

The first week back to work went all right with a few jolts to remind me that I am teaching first grade. The kid's levels have been changed and there are new groups now. Overall, most of them are descent but there is one that is just pure awfulness. However, I have good feelings for this semester which is helped by the prep work I have done and the experience behind me.

This semester we have a drama festival to practice for and perform. Since parents are coming to see it the homeroom teachers are all stressing over it. We had a brief meeting about it on Friday and from what I gathered we basically need to practice the songs and roleplay with them a lot. But it will cut into class time, where as we are suppose to practice 10 - 15 minutes at the end of class. Ah well!

My mantra this semester is just go with the flow, even though some things sound completely ridiculous. I hope I can achieve this and not step on anyone's toes.

I know I don't share much about my personal life with you folks but there have been developments in the boyfriend department. He has been living at home with his Mom and Sister for ages now. But they have been thinking of getting their own places. His sister's boyfriend is kind of a loaded man and so wants her to live in a officetel that he pays for. His mom is going to move into a new place with her boyfriend and so that leaves my guy alone. He was planning to just stay in his current place alone, but then last night the landlord told them they have to vacate it by the end of October. Now JH is scrambling to find a place. He would come live with me, but we both agree my house is too small and it would hurt the relationship. In this respect, I wish I could accommodate him. He is going to see about getting a loan and if it is big maybe shoot for a two bedroom place, and who knows I might move in there. All of this has me a bit nervous as I don't know what is going to happen and money is a big issue right now.

So as Fall encroaches on my life I feel like change might be in the wind or something big is down the road. But really I am stressed because I want to know if my job will keep me another year and stressed with my future in general. All in all, I am trying to keep my chin up, save money and yet go out and do things at the same time.

I suppose you could say I am looking forward to Fall, but not Winter.


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