Extending or Renewing Your Visa Experience 2012

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I had the fun and pleasure today of making it to the Anguk Immigration Office to renew / extend my visa. Since I am staying at my school it was necessary for me to go to immigration and get this done on my own.

The documents I needed were pretty basic, compared to getting a new visa. This time all I needed was a copy of my contract, school's registration, passport..alien card...and other ones. Hehe you can check the immigration website.

Out of exit 6 you go up to the SK Hub building and take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Find your way to the big room with all the chairs and people sitting in them. Find the ticket machine and press the green button hard enough to make a ticket come out.

I didn't wait too long, and soon was sitting behind an English speaking assistant. I did have to run around for a few things to complete the process. Like buying the stamps from a different room and also making copies of my passport pages. In addition, I was made to scan my fingerprints. Finally, after all that I received my alien card back with a new date entered on the back. It was quite easy and probably would have went even faster had I made an appointment. Overall, I'm pretty happy and satisfied with my experience at immigration today. Hope all future immigration trips will be just as easy.


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