Epic Flower Gundam + Modern Art in Seoul!

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This June- July the Sojeong Museum of Modern Art in Seoul had a really great exhibit up ~ 이것이 대중미술 이다 (translates to “this is pop art”)  featuring work from many of Korea’s successful modern artists as well as a few mixed in from Japan.

Tickets only cost 5,000won to get in, not too bad!  They also had a bunch of goodies on display for sale.

Lets go look at some art!

Wearing my new  ₩ 10,000 blouse and bow shoes + a Black Peace Now Skirt from Japan.

First up is the star of the show! FLOWER GUNDAM!

Some of my facebook friends had been passing around a photo of this guy a week or so before, so of course I shared it on my wall too. In my comments, one friend left a reply saying “went to the show, it was great” and I was like “THIS IS IN KOREA?!?”  I had just assumed the photo being shared was from Japan or something~ thank goodness I found out JUST IN TIME, because that weekend was the final weekend of the show!


In case you are wondering~ Yes the flowers are fake. The detail was really awesome in this guy!

Isn’t he amazing?  I want one of these for my living room haha

Nara has loved Gundam since he was a little kid, so he was also really excited to come! 

follow the paw prints!

Well hello pretty friend!

Charles Jang 찰스장 had one of his signature pieces in the show… he is one of those graffiti artists you see everyplace around here and even made an appearance on some k-pop concert clothing last week while I was watching a program.  I will do a feature post on him soon ♥

Most of the art shows we have been to seemed really dead and filled mainly with a crowd that seemed to just be there to say they went to an art show (lol you know what I mean) but this show had a great turnout even though it was the final day.  Lots of young artsy and unique people around, it was refreshing.

 Rare shot of Nara’s new braces~ Those will not help you in a dog fight hun XD


Bunny gooey goodness~ I cant recall the artists name atm, but I see his/her work around Seoul a lot. Most of the artists in this show are very familiar, I think the scene here is still very small ♥ It usually is anyway though I guess

This wall of amazing mini mixed media pieces was by the same artist that did the giant fiberglass dog ♥

The cow in the bottle sculpture was so detailed, but really creeped me the heck out.

All I could think about was that clip from “The Cell” when they sliced the horse for some reason.

some shoes and~ oh hey it is a print by Mari Kim! Remember my post on her makeup collab with Peripera?♥

they also had some of the makeup on display with the art + for sale at the register.

The crazy cat couple APPROVES of this painting!

Hite is another artist you see a lot of in the modern art circles here in Korea it seems!

♥ Heart flags! ♥

The text below the guy translates to something like “Even if I hold your hands, my hands are still cold”

Also in the show was a whole room sponsored by the new Samsung Galaxy Note~ it is being advertised as an artsy phone for people who like to edit photos and draw, so the room was filled with art pieces made on the phone and some areas showcasing the phone itself.

Dear Korea, Please sponsor me a Galaxy Note so I can doodle cute things all day!!

All of the small drawings above are made with the new Galaxy Note

Just some small close ups of large and amazingly detailed piece by a Japanese artist in the show

Spotted a small Yoshitomo Nara 奈良 美智 piece in the show! Nara love him, haha of course

They had a few other Japanese artists, but we did not recognize any of the others right away

 The entrance to the gallery has this amazing traditional-style screen wall that is backlit~ Great for photos!

 Fancy lad!


Sojeong Museum‘s lower level gallery has lots of interesting shows on a regular basis it seems~ If you live around the area you should check them out for sure! The easiest way is to just look for the escalators that will take you to the level below the street… took us a few min to find the gallery the first time because of this ^^;

♥ ♥ ♥

The Sojeong Center in Seoul is quite large and has lots of events, you can find a list of current events  HERE on the official site as well as very useful directions in English  HERE


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