Drama Festival Preparations

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The big thing for this semester is that the kidlets will perform a play during a drama festival next month. Because of this we have been singing songs with them for the past two weeks. If you asked me what song was stuck in my head right now, it wouldn't be Kpop. It would be this:

After the 23rd time I was really hoping the kids got it down. Next week we start the scripts and every class will practice their lines. Students have been broken up into groups and so it is organized that way.

Because of all this drama festival stuff my usually programmed schedule of bookwork, games and activities have been cut down. At first I was a little dismayed but then elated because this means most of my lessons are being pushed back. I am really happy I did all that planning during the summer break, as with this festival stuff I have had little time to do side work.

I am kind of glad work has been busy because it makes life truck on and all the stressful things going on outside of life get muted out. However, I guess I have to face life at some point.


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