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by Genevieve Soonike

I have not satisfied my craving for a good beefy steak for over two years so when my friend recommended DINO MEAT GRILL HOUSE in Galma- dong last week, well reputed for its succulent steaks, pork sausages and pork barbeque I knew my fast was coming to an abrupt end.

Now we are all familiar with the barbeque culture in Korea where you sit down and order your set ratio of pork for the table. The set up in this restaurant is a little different. You have free reign to get up, equip oneself with silver tray and go heady.  Select your meats from a variety of freshly cut beef and pork steaks, minced beef, pork patties, rolls and sausage at the deli buffet counter in any ratio you fancy. (You would not be stopped from just going for the beef steak!) The meat is replenished often and the range of variety is constantly attended to by the butcher on duty. The meats are labeled neatly for your convenience. The best news is that you can go back to refill your plate with no extra charge. So, go hungry.

We attempted to sample as much as we could.  The samgyupsal was typically smoky, greasy and sweet and the strips were not too fatty. The marinated pork steak which comes in long pieces and is a larger cut of meat, tasted quite similar to the pork belly but remained very satisfying in a lettuce wrap. The pork sausages were unusually good. Stuffed with green chilli they had just enough bite to keep you interested but not alarmed. The beef steak was a smaller cut than the pork steak but perhaps the same width so it was possible to cook it to a medium. The effort of grilling was well rewarded by a flavorsome and very tender sampling of beef at its best. We consented it was the supreme winner for quality and carnal satisfaction.

If you go back for seconds or thirds you are also welcome to top up your supply of sliced spring onion, whole garlic cloves, bean sprouts and mushrooms to accompany your feast if you can manage to get up and serve yourself.

We were not alone in our appreciation. The restaurant was filled to capacity with families and couples. Despite the busy vibe the staff was never far away to change our grill or attend to our requests.

What is the damage? The price has increased a little from last year but it is hard to dispute the fact that paying W.16 000 is still not a steal for what you get in return. There’s even free coffee afterward! You just can’t go wrong at DINO.
Address: 338-1 Galma 1 (il)-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon

Bus Directions: Take bus 617 to Galma-dong. It's a five minute bus ride from City Hall. Get off at Lotterial once in Galma-dong. If you see a pet store you are on the right track. Take the first right, walk down the road, then take an immediate left. Pass a park. It's 3 minutes down the road.

**Update 7-9-13

Here's their business card and the map on the back

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