Dexcited (depressedexcited) to move to South Korea

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I’ve been planning my move to South Korea for over a year (thanks to one of my close friends making the move look so appealing! :) ), and now I have only twenty days to departure time.

Historically, I’ve enjoyed uprooting my life. My taxes for 2014 are proof of that.

I came back to North Carolina with the intention of only staying for four short months.

But then, when I was working as a barista at the local French bakery, I met an incredible guy and deferred my trip till May so I could continue to explore this new human creature, as opposed to exploring new continents.

I also spent my time going back to school at NC State for a couple grad courses in English. I’m actually sitting in the 9th floor of the library right now, procrastiposting.

I’m really sad about moving abroad. It sucks to leave behind good things (man. school. parents.). But perhaps part of being happy is learning to reconcile the good and the bad, and learn to enjoy the present!

A picture of the classroom I’ll be leaving…



Good beer that won’t be in South Korea



A creature representation of my manfriend that won’t be in South Korea




how i eat


Ok back to writing my paper.



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