Delivered Food: Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju; Great Price, and the Pizza is Decent

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A nice new player on the delivery scene, Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju has a tasty product with an affordable price. Who doesn't like fried chicken and pizza delivered to their door? The first time I had this, it was my buddy Hoom (of Told a Story fame) who ordered. Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju?!? What a ridiculous name. I thought.

What arrived was a decent pizza with real pepperoni and a good-sized box of chicken. The photos below reveal the contents of a 18,900 won delivery (cola was 1000 won) that arrived in thirty minutes. The crust on the pizza wasn't that faux California-style crust, but rather closer to a bready crust. It lacked sauce, have some on hand for dipping.

This location was in the Eoeundong/Gungdong area but I assume there are some others around town. Call them for your next party.

Great stuff.

Pizza Nara Chicken Gongju

(042) 823.9297/9298

Price: $$ ($~$$$$$)

Recommended: Pizza and Chicken

Not recommended: Sweet Potato Pizza, but that comes as no surprise here.

Ambience: Delivery guy wore a mask.

Sound level: The guy muttered through his mask, so sound level was low.

Music: Played my own during the entire exchange.

Dress: Pajamas preferred

Visa/Mastercard, debit cards accepted.

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