Dear Korea #063 - Feeling the Burn

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Dear Korea #063

I don’t know if this is too common in bigger cities, but down here in Gwangju, we have more than enough mountains. As a result, mountain climbing (more like hiking uphill in some cases) is insanely popular, especially amongst the older folks. One man I know likes to go on an eight hour climb up a mountain, get drunk off of soju, pass out, and then climb back down before nightfall. This is something he looks forward to doing each weekend. I have no idea how that’s even possible.

Yes, I am pretty pathetic when it comes to climbing ANYTHING. I’m sure much of my failure when it comes to mountain climbing is due to my sedentary lifestyle on very flat land, but it’s still insane to see people half my size scaling up jagged, slippery rocks like nothing. Seriously, I’m convinced that some of these people are mountain goats.

Oh, and to translate panel three…

할머니! 빨리 오새요! = Grandma! Hurry up and come here!

I really should start exercising out there, but I don’t think mountain climbing will ever be my thing. What can I say? I’m afraid of heights. Here’s hoping everyone else can enjoy the convenience of having mountains to climb nearby while I continue to take advantage of the more technological aspects this country has to offer.

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