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Dear Korea #057

Call me a wuss, but Korea has been pretty cold during the past few weeks or so. I mean, I prefer the cold over the heat (not looking forward to summer), but the extremes of either make me not want to go outside for anything.

One thing about women’s fashion that has always confused me is how impractical it can be. Korean fashion is pretty guilty of this, especially during the winter. I guess wearing a lot on the top with little on the bottom is popular right now. I can’t say for sure, as my knowledge in fashion is pretty darn limited. The fact that I can dress myself in the morning is a miracle.

To be fair, this seems to be an issue no matter where in the world I go. I do see girls wearing leggings, but I can’t help but question how warm those things actually get. I just know seeing groups of Korean girls outside while complaining how cold it is tends to leave my male friends and I scratching our heads. At least they look good doing it.

Speaking of which! Here’s a translation!

너무 추워!! = It’s so cold!!

Any of you teachers that are unfortunate enough to work in non-heated classrooms may be quite familiar with this phrase.

Jen Lee's Dear Korea

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