Dear Dad

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Dad and NathanDear Dad,

In ten hours I’ll be on a plane to Korea. At the moment, the only thing that amazes me more than that fact is your boundless love and support. Where ever my passions have called me, you have been a constant force of guidance and encouragement. No words are good enough to adequately express how much that means to me, and how lucky and proud I feel to be your son.

During these last twenty-five years, you have prepared me in every way to take this next step–literally–out into the world. Thanks to you, I am clad in armor of self-confidence and optimism. I carry a shield that inspires me to walk through fire for the ones I love. And I hold a sword that is sharp with wit, intellect, and inquisitiveness.

Although the coming journey will be thousands of miles long, I am confident I will never feel lost. I know this because I’ll be walking with two compasses you have given me: an internal one that knows when to follow my head and when to follow my heart, and the actual one you gave me just last night “so I can find my way home.”

I’m going to miss you and mom so much. I thank you, I admire you, and I love you with all of my being.

Your son,




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