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Just a quick post today as I am slightly under the weather. At any rate, in my morning blog checks, I stumbled across Chase Jarvis’s video about his Dasein Project that I posted about a little while ago. I really like the way that Chase thinks and his approach to his life and his photography.

One of the things that he talks about is “the snapshot” and its role in life. This is something that I have always overlooked because I focussed mainly on landscape and HDR. However, it was always something that has come up when even I travel with my girlfriend. After we get back and I finish editing the photos to my liking, she responds “That beautiful! But I don’t remember it like that. You made it more colourful” Rightfully so, I love the bursts of colours that I get with HDR. However, when you live in a place like Korea, people often want to see what daily life is like. I found this to be true when I looked into street photography. A lot of the people back home liked the glimpse at what life is like here, almost more than my usual stuff.

At any rate, here is the video. I encourage you to watch it and follow Chase’s work (if you are not already doing so)



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