Damneonsudak Floating Market & Rural Bicycle Tour in Photos

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Damneonsudak Floating Market is the most popular/touristy of all the floating markets in the Bangkok area, so almost all the shops that line the canals sell souvenirs and crafts. Only a few boats going through the canals weren't overflowing with picture-snapping tourists, instead carrying locals selling drinks and fruit. Damneonsudak Floating Market Damneonsudak Floating Market It's always so fun to read about/see a place online/in pictures for so long, then to actually go there! Canals beyond Damneonsudak Floating Market Just like country roads extending out from a main downtown area, larger canals twisted and turned in every direction outside the market. Canals beyond Damneonsudak Floating Market Canals beyond Damneonsudak Floating Market Great weather + flat and quiet roads = happy bicycle tourist Beautiful lush greenery EVERYWHERE! Little canals like these were dug between all the rows of trees, not only for irrigation but also for fishing apparently...though, judging by the thick layer of algae on the surface, I think my guide may have been mistaken about that last part.

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