Daegu, Seongseo (Igok-dong) - Hwang-So 25 Hour Sauna

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Hwang-so means "bull" or "ox" in English. When I moved to Sungseo, this was the first sauna I managed to find in my new area. Thank god, because I finally discovered how great it is to get a body scrub! As usual, some of the scrubbers are better than others, but I liked this place in general.

The wet area is basic, with a few different temperature tubs, cold bath, a couple sauna rooms, and a nice wooden bathtub. There's almost always a lot of children in this busy sauna (women's side anyway). Upstairs, the co-ed dry areas are pretty nice. There's a decently-sized free fitness center for use only by jjimjilbang-goers, a good Korean food restaurant, and one large central room with a TV. All of the hot or cool rooms are located just off the central area, and many of them have their own TVs, which makes them a bit loud. I would NOT recommend this place for day-time naps unless you're not bothered by noise.
Most of the rooms are pretty warm, but there is a large ante-room before the ice room where people lay to cool off and watch comedy shows. The sleeping areas are just at the end of the main area and are not protected from sound by any walls. They are super warm too, you won't need any blankets!

Overall, if you like being warm, this is a good place. Plus the location is good, and easy to find.

황소 25시구들방사우나
대구 달서구 이곡동 1244
Daegu, Dalseo Gu, Igok Dong 1244
Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

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