Cute Penguin Frozen Chocolate Kit ♥

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Make your own candy kits are extremely popular in Japan, the selection is endless and always amusing!  Kits like those are here in Korea, but sadly the selection is very random and limited!  These are really fun little craft kits + edible, so I hope they catch on because I love giving them a try and I am sure kids do as well!

♥ ♥ ♥

The first one I came across in quite some time was this adorable frozen chocolate kit!  I found this at Daiso for 1500 won and the boxes came in two color choices~  Pink or Blue!  The box color is just for appealing to boys or girls, the contents inside are exactly the same ^^

When you open up the box you will find a bag of the cookie sticks for your little….er… umbrella? Normally this snack is always a tree or mushroom, so I am not exactly sure what it is supposed to be lol!!  You also get a tray  with the molds, and a tube of strawberry and milk chocolate.

I was happy to find all 10 pieces survived the journey from the factory to my house!

The chocolate that came with this kit was a bit gummy and hard to manage, I had to smoosh the tube quite a bit to remix the stuff because it had separated a bit so when I first started I got a glob of oil…blah.  The consistency of the strawberry was really lumpy no matter how much I mixed it up though, maybe I got an old or bad batch? oh well, it is just a cheap kids candy snack after all lol

I started to run out of chocolate quickly, but realized I was filling the tray a bit too high ^^ when the cookie went in it overflowed a bit. whoops! I had two boxes of these cookies so I made sure not to mess up in round two.

After about 20 min in the freezer the cookies were done! The popped right out extremely easy ♥

A lot of them came out much cuter than I anticipated! Success!!

How was the taste though? EHHHH…. not so great.  The stem was a really tasteless biscuit and the chocolate got soft again extremely quickly + had a very chemical-tastic aftertaste.   Nara and I could actually only eat 3 and eventually had to throw the others away :P The only plus to this is that I kept the trays!  I can do this again with my own YUMMY chocolate and cookie sticks in the future for cake decorations or something ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

If you have small children I still think this kit would be fun for them as-is though!  Candy is candy to them~ it was a lot of fun :D

Do you like trying out candy or snack kits? Have you ever tried any Korean snack kits? I am always looking for more here, so if you spot any please do comment below and let me know!

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