Cooking Time: Cous Cous!

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Finally another cooking time video! It’s been a long time since we’ve done a cooking video, even though they’re our most popular posts by far! :P In this episode I share one of our favorite meals! It’s easy to make, delicious, healthy, and a party pleaser! I often make it for potlucks and get togethers with friends. A lot of people have requested this video and recipe, so here it is!

*Disclaimer* This ISN’T a Moroccan dish, but it IS using a store bought, box version of a Moroccan ingredient. It’s a fusion dish at best!

Ingredients you’ll need:
cous cous
lemon juice
olive oil
bouillon cubes

Cut the vegetables! Put the cut tomatoes and cucumbers in a bowl. Add a good amount of lemon juice (maybe 3 long squeezes), parsley, cumin, and a dash of salt. Add 1 tbsp. of olive oil and mix.

Boil 1 1/2 cup of water. Add 1 bouillon cube. Once boiling, turn off the heat and pour in 1 cup of cous cous. Make sure all cous cous is covered with water (stir lightly). Cover and let sit for 10 minutes.

Uncover and fluff cous cous with a fork. Add cous cous to the bowl of vegetables and spices. Serve! :)

If you’re in Korea, it may be a bit harder to get all of these ingredients. But thanks to, they are delivered to my door!

Enjoy! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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