Cooking with tea traditionally

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 Available on (which ships to Korea taking a month or so to get here) or from Seoul's What The Book which take about 10 days to arrive, Mistress Oriku : Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse describes the life of Mistress Oriku, owner of a teahouse in Tokyo's now famous Asakusa neighborhood.

     Her tea house was famous for its Ochazuke which is a kind of fish and rice soup with a green tea broth. At Oriku's tea house her Ochazuke was made with clams from the nearby river. To make your own Ochazuke at home here is a recipe for Ochazuke found at The Tea Horse Caravan.

At some point later in the semester I shall try out this recipe with ingredients found at the local department store. Until then, stay steeped!

About the Author

Matthew William Thivierge has abandoned his PhD studies in Shakespeare and is now currently almost half-way through becoming a tea-master (Japanese,Korean & Chinese tea ceremony). He is a part time Ninjologist with some Jagaek studies (Korean 'ninja') and on occasion views the carrying on of pirates from his balcony mounted telescope.

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