Convenience Store Raid Series: Soda

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Back in December, I started the Soju Cocktail Convenience Store Raid Series by reviewing the oh-so-delectable Crunky Bar. Now, we’re back at it for installment two. Why care about what junk food lurks in Busan’s GS-25s, Family Marts, 7-11s, and Buy the Ways? 
Because it’s fun. And convenience stores are everywhere. There’s one directly below our apartment where all the employees recognize us from our every other day visits. I also think that the cheapie processed foods that our students always seem to be munching on can tell us a lot about Korea as a modern country.
Today, we're examining the drinkables, specifically soda. Neither Shane nor I really drink too much soda, but every once in awhile a can of fizzy just hits the spot. 
One of the best things about soda here is can size. The standard 12 ounce is usually too much for me, but the 8 oz. cans here are just enough without going overboard.

The fully loaded cooler downstairs.

We picked out some of our favorites to share with you. The Pocari Sweat is not actually a can of sweat, but instead like a sweeter, saltier white flavored gatorade. Milkis is our absolute favorite, and we have no idea why it's not sold in America. Straight up plain is the best, but you can get orange or banana as well. It's like drinking just the cream part from an orange cream soda. But not like your A&W cream soda. Milky, but in a good way. Fanta of course. Then DemiSoda, available in apple, grape, and orange, and if you're really lucky, you'll find the lemon flavor. More of a sparkling juice, and really tasty. We didn't buy any Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Cherry Coke, or Coke Zero, but that's readily available here. Just some of the daily frivolities of life from the land of the morning calm.  


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