Contributors: August 2013

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180479_10150091382737271_5725339_nJoanna Tambakis: Panko and Coconut Crusted Tofu

My name is Jo. I love making and sharing food with others. It’s kind of my jam. I am interested in all aspects of food, from the seed to the table. I value fresh, seasonal produce and eat a mostly plant-based diet. It makes me feel alive, light and full of energy. I have been playing around in the kitchen since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, most of my creations turned into mini disasters that my parent’s (cruelly) forced me to eat! But, I am grateful for learning never to waste food and I have not lost that sense of play I had as a child. I see cooking as a very creative, fun activity. I love playing and matching different colours, textures, smells and flavours together. And luckily, I have gotten a lot better in the kitchen since I was a kid. The recipes I plan on sharing with you will be the ones that the people I love, LOVE. And not all the people I love are vegan and veggies. So, they will be crowd pleasers that I bet even a meat lover will enjoy eating. A lot will be vegan recreations of favourite comfort foods. There will also be ethnic dishes that I learned to make from my travels and from the kitchens of many other talented cooks generous enough to share their love of cooking with me. May your table always be filled with good friends and good food!   427693_10150648914388706_1977070358_n

Jesse Diaz: Getting Started With Meditation

Jesse is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Tokyo, Japan. While living in Hong Kong, he studied for a master’s degree in anthropology and is currently interested in how geography and culture have influenced the practice of both Yoga and Buddhism throughout their distinct yet intertwined histories. In the fall of 2014, he will begin a Ph.D. in anthropology, with a focus on meditation and East Asian cultures. He loves science, particularly quantum mechanics, astronomy and relativity.He is the creator and main contributor to the Other Shore, a website hosting discussion on topics ranging from science to philosophy and religion.


Michael Hetherington: Yin Yoga

Michael is an acupuncturist, massage therapist, yoga teacher and author from Brisbane, Australia. He has been practicing yoga since 2000 and began formal studies in Oriental and complementary medicine in 2004. Michael’s mission is to emphasize the healing process and assist people to connect to a deeper and more raw sense of self. He does this by providing a calming, quiet, lighthearted and therapeutic space where deeper awareness and transformation can take place. (Follow Michael’s blog: Self Health Care Evolution)


Meg Rushbrook: Summer Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Hey, I’m Meg! I am currently studying to be a holistic nutritionist and I am very passionate about the topic of having a healthy,  holistic, natural pregnancy.  I plan on focusing my career with that as an emphasis and having my own children in this way  in a couple of years.  I currently live in South Korea with my husband, Dave. We both eat a plant-based diet and try to tread lightly on the Earth.  Our dream is to  leave this planet better than we found it.  My husband and I are making plans and constantly researching to build our own “off the grid” home and retreat center when we are done with this current stint of traveling the world. (Follow Meg’s blog: The Empowered Way.)


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