College Transcripts FAQs

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sealWhat do they mean by “sealed?” A stamp or sticker over the back of the envelope, issued exclusively by your school.

Can/should I open my transcripts? Noooooooo! Don’t do it! EPIK won’t accept college transcripts with broken seals.

How many do I need? While I ordered four copies from my university, I only ever wound up using one (when I submitted all my documents in the final application stages). However, sometimes during the diploma apostille or visa issuance process they ask for them, apparently. ‘Didn’t happen to me, though.

I went to more than once school to complete my degree…help! That’s okay. You only need transcripts from the school where you actually got your degree (as long as you attended that school for the final two years of college and all transfer credits are noted on that institution’s transcript).

What if I studied abroad? That’s nice, but they don’t need to see those transcripts!


The above is based on my experience applying to EPIK and is supplemented by information found on Reach to Teach Recruiting‘s website.

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