Chuseok Love…

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with the kiddies.

For my readers at home: Chuseok is a three-day Korean holiday that traditionally celebrates the autumn harvest. For us waygooks, it means a four-day weekend. (Asa!) For Koreans, it means returning to their hometowns, paying respect to their ancestors, and sharing a feast.  Many also wear traditional clothes called hanbok.

So at school on Friday, we held a Hanbok Fashion Show so the kids could show off their gear…

It was a pretty big deal.

Monica, Louis, and Jeff--I start each morning with them, grateful that coffee was invented.

My little Charley, pretending to be...a bird?

Albert! Class clown is an understatement...

As you can see.

A few of my girls: Elsa, Ruby, Olivia, and Monica

Christina and Dustin...

First love.

Cooper! The wave in his hair is from a recent perm.

James, Cooper, and Albert, waiting to strut their stuff...

The usual suspects...

Ruby. She's so sweet.

Elsa. Sometimes she gets solemn.

Still together!

Almost show time...

Now that's a red carpet.

Happy Chuseok everyone!

xo ~Coco


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