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Yesterday, I cut off all my hair.  Or more accurately, I cut off over 10 inches of my hair.  To start my 27 Things list off on the right foot, I decided last night to do something I had been wanting to do for a while, cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love. DSC00960

As I explained to some of my Korean co-workers today, Locks of Love is a great charity that uses donated hair to make wigs for children “suffering from long-term medical hair loss”.  You can also check out their website. Two of my awesome friends have also made donations in the past two years or so which is also quite awesome!


I was trying to remember the last time my hair was this short and I had been guessing like 2, maybe 3 years ago, but looking back at some old pictures I realized that my hair hasn’t been this short for almost 4 years! I haven’t had my hair this short since my Senior Year of College.  Wow time is flying at the speed of light! It makes me want to say things like ‘back in my day’.  The length of the hair they cut off is about as long as the hair I have left, so I had my hair cut in half last night?DSC00962

I had received some recommendations from a few friends about where to go, but because of schedules not meshing, I just picked one of the many salons in my neighborhood ( I picked one because I thought it looked nice) and went in for the chop.  I am roughly 100% certain that they thought I was nuts.  Their English was about as good as my Korean (which isn’t great) and so we had a fair bit of trouble understanding each other at first.  Trying to explain that I wanted to cut off most of my hair before the shampoo and ‘hair design’ was confusing, but me then putting the still braided hair into my purse must have looked ABSOLUTELY INSANE.  I tried to explain, but I don’t think they understood.  I wonder what they think I’m doing with my hair.  I hope they don’t think I went home and am using it to stuff a pillow or make a creepy doll with it.


I’m really glad I did it, it was time for a change.  Even if, I used way too much shampoo in the shower, still expect it to be much longer when I touch it, and keep forgetting I now have shorter hair.  But on a positive note my hair can no longer get caught under my arm because it was so freaking long.

From Busan with Lot Less Locks Love,

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