Chocolate Mint Thick Fudge Pudding

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*My next post will be from after my Thailand vacation- look forward to something Thai inspired by the end of this week!*

This is a recipe I enjoyed a lot this summer. It was a great one to cook up then package for  a meal at work._MG_0967

And even though it is winter now, puddings are delicious any time of the year- in my opinion. Especially ones that are healthy- this one is high in protein, virtually fat free and has the antioxidant properties of cocoa powder and tea!_MG_0976

This one is really thick- almost fudge-like in texture.


And I used only a little bit of ripe banana and dates to sweeten it, but you could add more sweetener if you like it extra sweet.


Chocolate Mint Thick Fudge Pudding


500g kabocha squash, cooked (or other winter squash, pumpkin or sweet potato)
21 grams (1/4 c) cocoa powder
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (or flavour of choice)
50 g banana
2 large dates, pitted
2-4 cups chocolate mint tea (or tea of choice)


1. In food processor, process dates until small chunks are made. Add remaining ingredients, except tea, and process until smooth.
2. Add tea to desired consistency. The more tea you add, the thinner the pudding.
3. Bake either in parchment lined trays or individual greased bowls at 350 for 30-40 minutes, until done. Pudding should be thickened, and a slight crust may develop- which is quite yummy! Alternatively, you can cook pudding in the microwave- but be warned- it tends to rise up very easily and pour all over your microwave. Baking is recommended. Allow to cool before eating- you can either chill it in the fridge or eat it warm.

Serves 2 large portions


Please note that this is for ONE serving. The recipe I provided serves TWO.

Assemble your ingredients Process the dates _MG_0920 Add banana Add kabocha Puree all and add remaining dry ingredients. After adding tea Bake in oven in parchment-lined trays. Alternatively bake in bowls. Finished!

_MG_0974_MG_0978Now that’s a thick pudding!!_MG_0986 Do you like to eat puddings in winter? Warm or cold?



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