Cat Bus!

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South Korea doesn't have school buses. 

Or at least not how you and I think of school busses.  For public school the students either live close enough to walk to school, or get rides or take public transportation. 

But for pre-school/Kindergarten and afterschool classes the kids get picked up in vans that are kind of the equivalent of Church vans.  They hold about 10 kids or so and are usually bright yellow with the name of the school on the side. 

The Worwick vans aren't yellow, they're blue and gray - I guess to go with the color scheme of the school and the kids uniforms and whatnot. 

Anyway these vans are pretty much only used for schools so they're easy enough to spot on the street. 

Every once in awhile as I'm walking down my street on the way to school I see the COOLEST van ever. 

Seriously, I want to go to this school- whatever it is.  I just want to ride on the Cat Bus.

For those of you who have seen "My Neighbor Totoro" you understand just how cool a cat bus can be, and for those of you who haven't- It's still a cat bus and is in itself, cool. 

So if you want to ride the cat bus, just come to Korea.

From Busan with Totoro Love,

From Roam with Love




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