Book Street, Nampodong

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By Emma O’Flynn

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Nestled in the narrow little streets just beyond Gukje Markets, is the cute and quaint, and adeptly named Book Street.  This place is all about the books.  Tiny little stores are stacked from floor to ceiling with books and magazines of every shape and size. Though the selection of English books available is pretty limited, it’s more about the ambience, then any serious book shopping!   The odd coffee shop and vintage store are also thrown in the mix.

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Perhaps not something you’d make the journey for specifically, but if you are in the area, the cool shady streets and quirky shops make a welcome relief from the crazy buzz of Nampo and Gukje.


2013-08-05 16.29.34To get to this area, take exit 7 from Jagalchi Station and walk straight until you reach the next main left turn (the one with Artbox on it).  Take the left and walk up the entire length of this street.  At the top there is an intersection wish an Angels-in-us-Coffee at the other side. Cross over to the coffee shop and bear left, and you should see the narrow entrance of the beginning of the alley starting there.  Alternatively, if you miss that, keep walking and there will be a post shaped like a big stack of books, turn right up into the area from there.





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