Bon Voyage

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I know it may sound a bit too much like "Love Actually," but airports are full of emotion.  I have cried more than once at security from sad goodbyes (not because of the pat downs), and anxiously awaited happy returns after getting my luggage. 

While getting ready to fly back to Busan from Osaka, I was getting a drink at the Starbucks that is past security.  If there is one thing Starbucks is great for, it is awesome at helping you spend that last 5 dollars in coins that the money exchange wouldn't let you turn back into Korean Won. 

The well wishes milling around even after the family walked from view.  Seriously, great design plan Osaka!
As I was waiting for my drink I looked up and saw this big glass window up on the Departures floor looking down on the terminal that is just past security and immigration.   Up at this window there were over 20 people all waving.  I look and see that all these people are waving to a family of 6 people.  A Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and 3 kids were all getting ready to go somewhere.  I saw by their passports they were from Japan and I assume by the amount of people waving, they were moving away. 

Going to the airport when you're not traveling can be a pain.  It's out of the way, it takes forever... so the fact that so many people came to give these people such a wonderful sendoff was truly heart warming.  People young and old, all saying goodbye to one family melted my heart.  I was just sort of stunned.  The most people I've had pick me up or drop me off at the airport was 2- and even with 2 other people and a sign it felt like a parade.  I can't imagine how happy and sad leaving 20 smiling faces would feel as I was about to say goodbye to my home for a long time.  It was reminiscent of the days of huge ships sailing between Europe and America and the send offs and teary goodbyes at the dock. 

That window and ability to wave at people who have gone past security is a great design idea.  Although if they had one of those at O'Hare, my Mom might still be at that window waving goodbye.  It is a really nice idea though so your last glimpse of someone before a long journey isn't a tiny peek through metal detectors and people trying to put their shoes back on. 
It was a really lovely note on which to fly back to Busan.

From Busan with Love and Wishes of Bon Voyage,

From Roam with Love




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