Bing Su! 빙수 Famous Korean Dessert!

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Every season in Korea brings delicious treats specific to the weather. One of my favorite ways to cool off in the summer is to eat Bing su! Bing su is basically shaved ice with a topping, usually fruit. The “normal” bing su is Pat Bing Su, which is Red bean shaved ice! Red bean is used a lot in desserts in Korea, and I think it’s safe to say that most foreigners here are NOT the biggest fans of red bean. I can eat a little bit of it, but not usually the huge mound they pile on top of the shaved ice!

I prefer the variety of other toppings they offer, like mango, strawberry and sometimes green tea! With Koreans I’d say the most popular bing su is red bean and green tea, usually with dduk (rice cake) on top! My favorite bingsu I’ve had this summer was Cafe Pascucci’s berry banana bing su. Delicious!

Evan isn’t a big fan of ANY bing su, so I didn’t eat it nearly as much as I wanted to. But this day I convinced him to try Cafe Bene’s mango bing su with me! :) The fruit wasn’t fresh so it wasn’t my favorite, but I still ate most of it! Enjoy the video and if you haven’t tried bing su yet and you’re in Korea, TRY IT!! Summer’s almost over!

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