BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

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BGN Eye Hospital 20th anniversary

2020 is a special year for BGN Eye Care Group, we celebrate our 20th anniversary and are proud to provide reliable and affordable eye service for local patients, expats and Korea guests.

To introduce BGN in more details we would like to answer some common questions about BGN Eye Hospital, our vision, services provided and why BGN Eye Hospital should be your best choice for Eye Care provider in Busan.


What is special about BGN Eye Hospital?

First of all, we have 20 years of experience and know-how for laser vision correction and cataract surgeries. For the last 20 years we successfully performed over 350,000 surgeries and are among the leading hospitals in Korea.

The second thing we are proud of is that our highly professional doctors will always recommend the best customized surgery. We deal with many complicated cases that other clinics cannot do. But at the same time if the patient does not need treatment, or some kind of treatment is not the best option for him, we will never recommend a surgery or procedure. Patient`s health and satisfaction are always our main priorities.

And finally we should mention reliability. We are the hospital you can trust. We cannot guarantee that there will be no secondary vision decrease after laser vision correction surgery, but we can guarantee that if you get into this small percent of patients (2-5%), who may have secondary vision decrease, than on condition patient has enough of the corneal tissue left after surgery, secondary surgery is guaranteed to be done by hospital free of charge.

Are all patients candidate for laser vision correction?

No, not all, but a vast majority of patients with myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia can have one of Laser Vision Correction Surgeries (LASEK,LASIK, ReLEx SMILE). Still, there is a small amount of patients that may not be candidates for procedure due to thin cornea, irregular corneal form etc.

This is exactly why we provide free LASIK examination and consultation to check if each particular patient is a good candidate for vision correction or not.

What kind of Laser Vision Correction has least side effects and is considered to be the safest?

BGN Eye Hospital recommends customized Laser Vision Correction, so there is no common solution for all of patients. But on condition, that after in-depth examination, patient is a candidate for all kinds of surgeries, ReLEx SMILE surgery may be a good choice, as the recovery process is the fastest available currently among the laser vision correction surgeries and BGN SMILE guarantees the least damage of the cornea with only 1,7 mm micro- incision.

Currently BGN Eye Hospital is providing free examination and consultation for everyone, who would like to get rid of glasses or contact lenses. Feel free to contact us for free consultation and booking an appointment. You can refer to our Facebook page to learn more about our latest promotions or contact us for consultation at 010-7670-3995 or kakao: eye1004bgnbusan




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