Beauty Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask

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I have done some unholy things to my hair, from heat styling to bleaching to multiple dye jobs in one week, so when I saw the Etude House Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask in my local Etude House, I knew I had to try it.

Etude House will forever have the best packaging.
As you may be able to tell from the picture, the Silk Scarf Double Care Hair Mask not only has the longest name in the universe, it also has two parts to its magical hair treatment system.

  1. Hair treatment: a very nice conditioning formula
    1. Essence Hair cap: a shower cap blessed by unicorns
    The treatment seems pretty standard at first. It's a nice formula, not too heavy, and the smell is really nice. I usually shampoo and condition my hair before doing treatments, but this one said to just apply after shampoo, so I decided to trust the directions and take my chances.

    Apply mask, wear cap, become happy. 
    Now, what helps this hair treatment stand out from the millions of treatments out there is the "Essence Hair Cap" that comes in the second pouch. It basically looks like a shower cap, but the whole thing is coated in a sort of hair renewing essence, so it adds another layer of help to the system. I also like it because I can never remember to get a shower cap, so it's hard to do the sort of hair treatments that need to be left on for a long time without dripping goo all over my apartment. Not that that ever happened. Honest.

    Hashtag no makeup
    I don't have any before/after pictures of my hair, so you'll have to take my word for the fact that this was a miracle of modern hair science. I have a lot of trouble with intensive hair treatments because I have very fine hair that likes to be greasy, so a lot of the treatments I've tried just leave me feeling less like a princess and more like Snape. Minus the chip on my shoulder. The SCDCHM (damn the name is even long as an acronym) had all the benefit of an intensive treatment with none of the greasiness. If you've got seriously damaged hair you might needs something more intense, but I liked the lightweight feel of this. It's a treatment you can do and go out afterwards without worrying about slimy hair. 

    Would I recommend this product: Yes yes yes! Not only does it work well, it gives you that nice feeling of an at-home spa day.

    Where to buy: If you live in a place with Etude House stores, then you can just drop by. If not, here it is on the Etude House gmarket store. Happy shopping~

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