Band Ryeong Gyo (밴드 령교) Album Release Show

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This is a Busan band that I just happened to stumble across on youtube. I’d never heard of them or seen them before but it seems they have quite a following and their sound is unique and fresh. They are called Band Ryeong Gyo… quite a mouthful for western tongues, and quite an earful too. This might be too obscure a reference: If anyone remembers the electronic rock band Defector Frequency a few years ago… they sound like that but cooler. I can say that because Defector Frequency doesn’t exist anymore… and that isn’t cool at all.

The drummer has an awesome, tight driving feel which help boost the synths and get the energy up. You wouldn’t think the guitar’s power metal sound would jive… but it fits in there like bacon wrapped around melon. The band’s namesake, 령교’s vocals are powerful and, once again, fit perfectly within the band’s style. Perhaps she is the toothpick with which we can easily enjoy this bacon/melon/band metaphor. Layer upon layer of sonic goodness.

I’d love to see them live… and this weekend is the perfect opportunity. On Saturday at Oz Hall in Seomyeon, they are having a party to release their first EP. The guest band is DHMP… I once caught them at an outdoor stage in Gwangan singing a song in which every other word was a curse. There were old folks and families with young children happily clapping along. So yeah… they just don’t give a fuck.

There are a couple different options for tickets. Presale tickets (15,000) for the first 100 people come with a band towel and bracelet. Or you can just pony up 20,000 at the door. Also, if you are kind enough to share the concert poster on facebook, the band will give you a bracelet for your trouble. Details below.

Definitely go and check these guys out. Oz Hall has the best sound and lights out of any venue in Busan… so you can’t ask for a better setting. And I’m sure it’ll be a great show. In my experience, Korean bands take these kind of events seriously and prepare and prepare and prepare some more. It’ll be a Saturday night well spent.

Find this poster on their facebook page and share it to get free stuff!

Find this poster on their facebook page and share it to get free stuff!

Presale deal: Transfer 15,000 won per ticket to 137301-04-235916 국민은행 (KB Bank) 지상호. Then send a text to 010-7547-1112 with your name (on your bank account) and number of tickets bought. They will reply with a confirmation letting you know what number ticket(s) you are. If you are within the first 100, then you qualify for the free towel and bracelet. 

Concert poster deal: Find the concert poster on their facebook page and click share. Get a bracelet at the show! 

How to get to Oz Hall: This place is kind of tucked away… basically you want to be across the main street from Lotte Dept. Store/Hotel/Casino. If you are facing Lotte, walk right until you see the big yellow tooth building and turn right. Oz hall is underground, about halfway down the block on the right.


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