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Yesterday was a full day of learning what it will be like to be the team leader of the 2nd grade, at my school. It wasn't too bad, but of course started out with a hiccup. I arrived about 30 minutes early to rearrange the desks, and got this done. Then as I was heading back from a quick peek into a new teacher meeting there were students sitting in my room. I wasn't sure why, and after standing there for a while and seeing the parents outside I realized they were new students. They needed the level test and that is what they were waiting for.

Alas, I didn't have the level test and so spent the next 15 minutes chasing it down. I got a hold of the paper tests but didn't have the listening promps or answer sheet. Time was wasting so I handed the tests to the students and had them skip the listening till that was ready. I then realized I might have the paperwork somewhere amongst my stuff scattered about the classroom. I found it and all was well, except the testing ate up an hour or so of my morning.

All the while I didn't panic and just carried out the task as if it were a usual thing. After this was done I met up with my new team of foreign teachers and quickly said hello and had them get things ready in their room, while I did the same. Later we went out to lunch together and I filled them in about the procedures at school and answered their questions.

Unfortunately, we didn't really get to know our Korean homeroom teachers as they were busy with their own duties. I however managed to meet with the one homeroom teacher who will be my "go-to" person for the grade. She is very nice and seems use to communicating with us foreign folk. Also the head teacher of the grade (the Song teacher) is a guy and speaks English himself. I'm glad the head teacher is a guy as I am more comfortable around Korean men than older Korean women. Anyways, the general outlook of the 2nd grade Korean staff look very nice and communicative. One strange thing is that one of the homeroom teachers is also the school's new Vice Principal, who is a nice lady but also has that serious face about her. I'm going on that she will be too busy to really be much in the way.

Surprisingly, we are starting classes Monday and so that means my lesson planning is going to go into effect. I don't mind, just would have liked more time to ready the room and supplies. Ah well, what can you do?

A lot of paperwork this year and already I think I have to get started on it this weekend. Overall, though I walked away yesterday with a good feeling about this term. I just hope things calm down and get into a routine so it won't feel so overwhelming.


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