August: Letter From the Editor

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You.IMPROVED Magazine is the work of partners Simon Kang and Mindy Sisco. Simon and Mindy have been co-proprietors of Kaizen Wellness Workroom (formerly Korean Kartel) for over four years. This magazine has been four years in the making but we couldn’t be more proud and excited to share our (Simon and Mindy’s) accumulation of learning, experience and passion with you. What began as a  fleeting interest in exercise and two years on the yearbook staff over a decade ago was the start to this labor of love before you. Both hail from (literally) different worlds; Simon: an introvert who’s entomology knowledge gets a little uncomfortable at times; Mindy: someone who’s been described as having a voice “that carries;” yet the have forged a collective bond set upon a passion for continuing to challenge the body, mind, and most importantly, asking of one’s self, “why?”

“……the pattern grows more intricate and subtle,
and being swept along is not enough.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke

Over our time with Korean Kartel and Kaizen, one thing has become crystal clear: it is not about calories in/calories out. It is not about “getting in a burn.” Sad as I am to admit it out loud, it’s not about the transformative powers of yoga practice (though it is a significant tool!) Through it all, it is the process, the forward momentum, it is “kaizen” that matters. A concept born on the floors of Toyota manufacturing plants in the ’80s, this concept has taken on a life of its own with its simple, yet powerful idea: continuous improvement. This is the catalyzing essence of our endeavors. This magazine marks the next evolution of our improvement. In this spirit, we begin this magazine in hopes that the information and inspiration shared here help spur you forward on your path of continuous improvement.


In this magazine we will be covering a wide range of topics sharing the connective thread of continuous improvement: from recipes to inspired better eating, insider training secrets to streamline that machine of a body you’re lugging around, to introducing influential and inspirational personalities from all different walks of life.

This month’s featured member this month is Inkyu Jung. He’s been training for 6 months and can’t believe the difference. He tells of all the real world applications of his lessons learned on the mats.

In addition, Simon interviews a proprietor/TacFit trainer in Seoul who is part of the new wave of trainers working to move away from the “grip and rip” mentality and methodology to one focused on the body as a vessel for doing more at the gym, the office, in your life.

Included in our premiere issue are recipes from Joanna Tambakis, the queen of kitchen bliss and plant-based perfection, Meg Rushbrook’s tips on counteracting sun-drunk… and just plain drunk; Jesse Diaz’s playful, yet sincere user’s guide to nirvana (lower-case N), and using yoga to keep cool when, according to Youtube weather commentator Krissychula, the Lord has brought the devil from hell and had him set his ass-crack on Earth.

We have connected with some brilliant minds and inspired spirits who are active in this contribution. We are interested in what you have to say about health, wellness, and continuous improvement. Please get in touch with us to share your ideas!

Do well and be well,

Mindy and Simon



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