Another internet oddity

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Of the spam form, that is.

I recently did a Google search for “Busan Department Store” - I probably left out the capitalization.

The second link was for Asia rooms , which gave me this paragraph:

In Busan, shopping in one of the best activities to indulge in as the city affords its visitors a range of choices and provisions. In Busan in Korea, you can expect the same kind of experience as you would from any progressive global culture. One of the many tempting shopping destinations in the city is the Busan Department Store in Busan. The specialty of the Busan Department Store in Busan is that it houses big global brands and is mainly an up market place to shop in. moreover, here, at the Busan Department Store in Busan, the activity of shopping is not just a pastime; the authorities have improvised the Busan Department Store in Busan to transform shopping into an experience.

The words are mostly right and mostly in the proper order: the “in” in the first sentence should be ‘is’, but I’ve seen and occasionally typed worse.  Still, there is no content there.  you might wonder where the “Busan Department Store in Busan” is.

The Busan Department Store in Busan is centrally located in the city and is a shopper’s haven.

Well, that’s a big help.

The one thing that convinced me there is no such store was this:

Also, the daily hours of operation of the Busan Department Store in Busan are between 09:00 am and 08:00 pm.

Those hours are too good.


I am an HTML neophyte – I tried to link to Asia Rooms using “rel=nofollow” to avoid increasing it’s page ranking.  I hope the link works.


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