All Day Play Day

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If you missed the queer shorts shot on smart phones festival, you have another chance to see the films on December 22nd, 2012.

Split into four different themes (Queer News, Power Dating, Literary Works(?) and Public Meeting), the films will be screened in rotation over a twelve hour period. When I saw the films back in September, there were no English subtitles, so I imagine there won't be any on the 22nd either. However, with an intermediate level of Korean you can understand the films.
I wish I could see the films again, especially since the directors are going to be available at certain times for chats and laughs. And drinks (non-alcoholic I'd imagine).  That weekend, however, I'll be flirting with Japanese boys in Osaka.

The films are playing at Chingu Sai's building. To get there, go out exit 8 of Jongno 3 Ga and across the street you will see a building with a galbi restaurant. Chingu Sai is on the third floor. A 5000 won donation is expected.