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It’s 1999, I’m ten years old,

Emily is almost eight.

A family trip to somewhere fun,

Neither one of us could wait.


The tv wedged between the seats

And games of “Not-touching-you!”

Eye spy, slug bug, VHS tapes

And so the hours flew.


A passing truck, we pumped our fists,

And heard the engine revvin’.

It sped ahead and the license read,



A memory challenge, “Bet you can’t-” “Bet I can-”

“Remember those 5 numbers.”

She was bound and determined,

To prove she could do it after one long car ride slumber.


It’s 2015, I’m twenty-five,

Sixteen years post-bet.

Emily now is twenty-three

And still she won’t forget:


“Nine-two-six, one and seven.”

She smiles every time.

And so do I for now I know to

Bet against her is a crime.


Creative, driven, Miss Independent

Cookie baking skills from heaven.

She can, and she will, do anything.



Girl Power walking, she’s got it all.

Her poise you can’t disturb.

Brains, beauty, humor, love

And a wicked overhead serve.


I’m 6-foot 2, she’s about 5-9,

But still I look up to her.

We’ve both grown up but never apart.

I’m lucky to be her brother.


Tonight I sit, half a world away,

Reminiscing, not forgettin,

Excited to see what’s next for the girl behind


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