The 30-Day Reflective Blogging Challenge for Teachers

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Today I stumbled across this fantastic website: While it only offers a few articles specific to ESL teachers, the rest of the content is still very applicable in some way or another!

reflectionWhile exploring the site, I found this: The 30-Day Reflective Blogging Challenge for Teachers. Since I’ve been in Korea, I’ve done a fair amount of writing about life and travel, but I’ve shyed away from the topic of teaching…mainly because I feel that I’m so new to all of this that I have very little place in speaking with authority on the subject. However, I think this challenge will be an excellent way for me to think back on and share what I’m learning about teaching ESL, teaching in Korea, and just teaching in general.

If you’re a fellow teacher, feel free to join me in this process! I’d love to swap stories, strategies and experiences. Here’s hoping I can stick with it!

P.S. I’m writing this as I’m about to leave school for the day, so my first post of the challenge will come later tonight! Promise!

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