27 Things to Do Before I Turn 27

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Today is my half birthday.  I remembered it was coming up a few days ago.  I’m not sure if it was all the talk of New Year’s Resolutions, this blog awesome blog I came across the other day, or my love of a good list that helped make this decision.  It was probably a combo of all three.

DSC00570This photo doesn’t really have anything to do with the list, I just like trees and I loved how this tree had a hole big enough to climb into

In honor of my 26th year coming to the half way point, I have decided to compile a list of goals and things I want to do to in the next six months. I don’t know if I will be successful at all of them, but I hope I am.  I tried not to put too many qualifiers on things, but at the same time I do want to make some changes in my life and be more thoughtful when it comes to certain things.  Over the past few days I put together a list, so here it is (in no specific order other than the way that they popped into my head):

1. Finish my NaNo Novel
- even though I reached my goal of 50,000 words I am not near finished with my novel

2. Get Stronger
- I don’t want to put a number on this of pounds to lose or the like, but I do need to get stronger and be healthier (it’s a bit of a theme)

3. Be Published
- I need to start writing more for other publications beyond my blog and my novel (writing- it’s another theme)

4. Volunteer at least 24 hours of my time over the next 6 months
- there are plenty of places in Busan that can use help,

5. Visit a new place/city in Korea
- this may be done by playing the game where you close your eyes and walk toward a map, but there’s so much of Korea I’ve yet to see

6. Visit at least one new country
- this one may not happen due to vacation days, but we’ll see

7. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
- My hair is super long and it’s time for some of it to go, and by some I mean at least 10 inches

8. Finish all the current topics on my “blog idea” list
- There are a lot of things on that list, this one is actually a pretty tall order, but it needs to be done

9. Learn More About Photography
- I have a fancy new camera and I need to learn how to get the best use out of it

10. Learn Photoshop
- for all the time I spend on the computer, I should put it to good use

11. Eat Healthier
- even though Korean food is healthy, I need to do a better job at what I eat

12. Eat More Whole Foods
-  didn’t I warn you there was a theme? also this means I need to clean out all the junk food in my cabinets

13. Don’t eat convenience store food for a month
- this also includes the energy drinks I get from there almost daily, it’s a bad habit

14. Be More Present
- it’s so hard to not get distracted these days with so much technology buzzing around our heads that I need to remember to focus on the people in the room

15. Give More Compliments
- a little love can go a long way

16. Send 27 pieces of mail
-cards and letters might be coming your way

17. Go on at least two new hikes
- I like the view from the top, but my lungs don’t always like getting there

18. Read two new books
- I read much less in Korea and I need to get back to my love of books

19. Visit at least one new Museum
- I love museums so this one shouldn’t be too hard

20. Spend 7 hours a week while at home without screens
- I’m addicted to the computer when I’m home and I need to step away from it more, so ideally 1 hour a day without TV, computer, phone, or iPod screens

21. Perform 5 Random Acts of Kindness for Strangers
- I don’t know what I’m going to do, but we shall see

22. Save 15% of my monthly salary for retirement
- This is something I should have started ages ago

23. Host a Soup and Swap
- My roommate hosted a great one in Chicago and I would love a repeat of good food, lovely ladies, and giving a second life to old items

24. Get rid of 27 Things I Don’t Need and/or Don’t Use
- I should ideally do this before I host a Soup and Swap

25. Do something special for my students for their Kindergarten Graduation
- now I just have to figure out what

26. Worry Less
- this one is going to be a bit of a challenge since I am a really good worrier.

27. Smile More
- Don’t worry, be happy (or at least I’m going to try)

That is my list. I hope it helps inspire a great 6 months and is the beginning of a great 27th year.

Here goes nothing,
From Busan with List Love,


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